On Making Big Decisions

19 Apr

I’ve decided to apply for the Marketing Co-orindator position with my Department.

The position has been open since early March, but our plans are to move back to Toronto in September, so I had not even considered applying for the position. But Wednesday morning, something just ‘tipped’. I decided to consider it. Then I decided to do it. I submitted my application Thursday morning and I meet with HR on Tuesday morning. 
Crazy. I’m so impulsive.
Maybe I should explain why it’s crazy – I’ll be commuting an hour each way to get to my job in Waterloo while we live in Toronto. I keep telling myself it’s not a big deal – people do it all the time. My brother for instance, lives in Brampton and works in Waterloo. See, no biggy. Well, doesn’t mean I’m not nervous about it. I’m not a morning person at all.
But there are so many great things about it as well: I love where I work. This was a huge part of my decision. The people I work with are awesome. My boss was so happy that she actually screamed when I told her I was going to apply. I took that as a good sign. I had to ask myself: “Do I really want to give this up for a question-mark job that doesn’t yet exist for me in Toronto? Why would I leave something that I know is great?” But it wasn’t totally easy. Part of me was really excited about the prospect of job searching again. I’ve really outgrown my current position, but the Co-ordinator position would allow me to do so much more. Also, it’s full-time – that means benefits, pension, holidays, the whole sha-bang and pretty good pay too. Not bad for only a year out of university. 
The other thing is, I’m not reeeally sure what I want to do with my life yet. I enjoy learning about PR, but I admit, I haven’t really done it yet. I enjoy marketing, but all I know is what I’ve learned hands-on, I have no formal education. I enjoy that university setting and the student interactions, but I have daydreams about working in a fantastic PR shop and becoming a real business woman.  So all in all, I figure it couldn’t hurt me to spend a year or two in a job that I already love doing. It should give me to time sort through it all and hopefully figure out where exactly I ‘fit’ in the communications industry. 

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