Keeping up with Social Media

3 Jul
I am incredibly interested in social media. MySpace, Facebook, the blogosphere, Twitter, YouTube, I find it all incredibly fascinating. 
But here’s my issue lately:
I just can’t seem to keep up with it. 
For instance, as I write this post, my fiance and I are sitting on the couch typing away on our laptops with our beautiful 42′ tv showing CSI: NY in front us. Ridiculous. But in my defence, between work, a Masters, a beautiful almost 6 month puppy, a PR certificate and finding a little time for the boy, I am just so swamped right now. 
After a super long weekend (thank you UW for being closed Monday AND Tuesday) I’ve caught up on my blog reading, speed cleaned my apartment, took the dog to the off-leash park and threw in a few Twitter updates along the way. But I’ve had no time to learn anything new – or practice much with the tools I do use. 
Oh, and lets not forget the growing pile of ‘summer reading’ on my bedside table. At this rate, it might be Christmas before I get to it. It’s all terribly exciting reading too – perhaps I’m a bit behind the times at the moment but I’m trying to get through Join the Conversation and The Tipping Point right now. 
But I don’t mean to sound like I’m whining. Is it so much to ask that someone put more hours in the day so that I can learn more? I mean, seriously, how hard could that be?
How do you manage to keep your social media knowledge appetite well fed?

One Response to “Keeping up with Social Media”

  1. zoe July 5, 2008 at 1:24 am #

    i learn what i can live without.for me it was tv. sometimes it’s cleaning (and i am a TOTAL neat freak). you need to learn what’s important and prioritize. what can you afford to give up? what is it that makes you most happy?once you know that, then you know what to focus on.z

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