On More Big Decisions

17 Jul

Well, I’ve done it. I decided this weekend that I will absolutely need to leave my position in Waterloo when we move back to Toronto. I had considered commuting and had thought maybe I could make it work, but in the end it’s just not feasible – both financially (look at the price of gas!) and for the sake of my fams (with an hour and half drive each way, I’d never see my man or my pups!). 

So I gave my unofficial notice yesterday – still haven’t decided on an end date yet though, lots of possibilities on that one. 
But I have to say, my boss is one classy lady. I was worried she might be a bit upset because I only moved into this position a few months ago, but she was great. Sad to see me go, but totally supportive and understanding that it’s just the way life goes. I also got a very touching email at the end of the day today. And that is just one reason I wanted to stay where I am. I work with some fantastic people, and I’m so lucky to have had to opportunity to work in such a positive and encouraging environment. 
I’m looking forward to returning to TO for many reasons (more CPRS events and maybe a Third Tuesday finally!) but I will certainly miss the Housing Administration crew at UW – it really was the right FIT for me. 
PS: I’m keeping ALL of my UW swag!

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