Seeing the Value in Twitter

9 Aug

A while ago, I posted about my new Twitter account and wondered what the value was.

Well, after a few months I’m starting to figure it out. When I wrote that post however, I don’t think I quite understood the time it takes to build a personal brand in the social media arena.
I’m starting to understand it now though – since that post, I’ve updated 158 times, am 71 Twitterers and have 36 followers.
I get it now…but it didn’t happen overnight. 
So here’s how I’ve begun to build my Twitter experience and the reasons I’m really enjoying it.
1) I assessed the blogs I read, and checked to see if the writers have Twitter accounts
2) I looked at who those people were following 
3) I began replying to others tweets – after all, it’s about having a conversation
4) I make sure to post tweets that others might be interested in – although I also through in many personal updates.
Reasons I’m enjoying it:
1) It’s creating connections with people that I might never had met otherwise
2) I get to see the personal side of people as well, so I know they aren’t just an avatar
3) I get to links to items I might not find on my own (or don’t have the time too)
4) I can get tech, PR and social media questions answered pretty darn quickly
All in all – I’m really liking it. I can see how people might be a little addicted to Twitter – now I just need a SmartPhone so I can keep up with all the Tweets! Follow me if you’d like!

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