Assignment Ideas…

21 Sep

The reason I haven’t posted lately is that I started a new job on Monday! I’m enjoying it so far, but it’s going to take a little while get back into the swing of things. I’m so pooped. Agency life, while rewarding, certainly does take a lot of energy – that I don’t have yet!

But anyway, back to my studies…

I’ve decided for my assignment 2 of EXT 505 (Using and Managing Communication Technologies) that I will pursue the use of microblogging tools, (Twitter, Yammer, etc.) in the workplace. The assignment is to look at the apparent effects and the possible future of the technology. I think this will be a great topic and I’m excited to work on it. I’ve yet to really look too much at assignment 1 (although I know it’s on the history of television) or my final project, which I’m told will be quite involved. Once I have a chance to review, I’ll post my thoughts. 

For my consulting project in EXT 597 (Consulting Practices for Communications Professionals) I’ve decided not to use something work-related as I only just started my new position. Instead, I’ll be seeking out a client (likely a university student) who needs their resume revamped. Given my experience working in an Employment Service as a Resource Counsellor, I hope to be able to create a great project about my experiences. I plan to go through all of the steps I would have when working with a client in the resource centre, then take it even further by not only assisting, but eventually creating the resume for them after a collaborative consultation. (In the resource centre, the point was only to assist and give people the tools to complete the resume themselves.)


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