Losing your logo?

2 Dec

Just a quick post – life has presented some unfortunate circumstances and left me unable to concentrate much on blogging. But I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to comment on this:

Has anyone else noticed that Macleans.ca now has the WordPress logo appearing next to it’s name in the address/tab bars?

While I’m sure WordPress is a great platform (as you can see, I’m a Blogger person – but really only because it seemed like the easiest thing to set up at the time) but what does it mean for your own brand when you loose your logo to the big ‘W’?

I was a bit confused when I kept trying to get to their ‘main page’ and it continually re-directed me to http://blog.mcleans.ca/.

Glad Macleans is pushing forward into the blogsphere – but at what cost?


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