Blog Posts: Where do you get your ideas?

19 Feb

After chatting with a few people lately about blogging and in particular, starting a blog, I’ve heard a lot of people mention that they feel they have nothing to say. I beg to differ. 

Do I have anything to say? YES! 
Does anyone care? I don’t know. 
Does anyone read? Some do. 
Does it really matter to me at the end of the day? Not really. 
Please don’t take this to mean I don’t value my readers, of course I do. But in the end, as I’ve said before, I do this mainly for myself – mostly because I love to write. Always have. So if in conversation I manage to sway someone to consider starting a blog, the next question tends to be: What do I write? 
For me, I write what I’m thinking about. I admit I tend to write a lot about me but well, it’s my blog and I write what I want 😉 But I also write about what I think about of communications and public relations issues, social media tools and try to sometimes offer a little advice. I hope some of it is useful to my readers. 
After answering the general question of what to write, I sometimes get asked: Where do I get ideas? Personally,  I get ideas all day. I thought of writing this post on the streetcar ride home tonight. Other times, it occurs to me at work or at night when I’m falling asleep. I have a stickie on my screen where I list blog post ideas for later – some of the them I use, some I don’t. And here’s the kicker that surprises most people: I just sit down and write. I don’t tend to spend more than 30 minutes writing my posts. I don’t do drafts (usually), I don’t do an outline or revisions – it’s all free flowing thoughts here. Please note however, I do make an effort to proofread.
Best advice I can offer though, is to read other blogs. Figure out what it is you like to read and think about how you can find your own voice within that space. I think one key important point is to also write about something you’re passionate about – maybe it’s music, or fashion or social issues. If you lose interest in your topic, then you’re in trouble. I definitely suggest picking a niche of some sort – it’s hard to create community or fit into an existing one if you don’t have a common bond with your readers.
How about you – where do you get your ideas? What makes you post? 

2 Responses to “Blog Posts: Where do you get your ideas?”

  1. Rachel M. Esterline .:. A Step Ahead February 19, 2009 at 4:47 am #

    I started out blogging to keep a record of what I was learning. It was all for myself. Now I have an audience, and even a couple subscribers. This has driven me to make my posts relevant and interesting, which is a bit more challenging at first. People ask me all the time how I find ideas for blog posts. I read a lot of other blogs, which give me ideas, and I base many posts on my own experiences. But, to me, writing is fun. I like to come up with things to write about. I have an entire page in my to-do list dedicated to it with ideas I hope to get around to (many of them require interviews). Some posts come from conversations I have with others.I think we all have something to say. You just have to get over the writer’s block.

  2. Zoey Castelino February 26, 2009 at 1:55 am #

    I feel the same way. I blog because I am a writer – by trade and by passion. Therefor being able to share my daily thoughts or ideas or whatever in a format that is not a newspaper or magazine is actually refreshing.I don’t have to wait for press time or deadlines. I write what I want, when I want.As far as my ideas, they come from my life. My life as a freelance journalist, as a woman living in Toronto and a person.

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