Work/School Balance + Life

26 Apr

When I started the MACT program in 2008, I was working full-time as a Marketing Coordinator at UW. Absolutely loved my position, and have to admit now, was pretty jazzed about working 8:30-4:30 everyday with a very short commute. At the time, work and school were sort of the only things I had to balance, so it didn’t seem all that difficult.

Now, I’m working full time as a Consultant at a PR Agency – again, love it, and hours are still pretty good but the unpredictable 15-35 minute commute drives me batty. But here’s the real kick – I have a life now too. Between friends, family, sports and a fabulous man, it’s a lot more difficult than before to manage the workload. And as Spring Institute quickly approaches (starting one week from tomorrow) I’m feeling a little anxious about what I’ve got myself into. Because I tend to procrastinate just a wee bit, I ended up spending every night last week reading/prepping for school and will need to do the same this coming week. My own fault, but none the less, taxing. I turned the TV on for 1 hour all week and that was to watch the Madonna episode of Glee. So worth it, but still.

This weekend I took a break to spend time with my new baby niece in KW, then cooked dinner for the boy and spent some quality time together. Now I’m having trouble getting my head around it again. Ugh. I’ve got a 5-8,000 word paper due on Friday (I’m at about 3,000 so in pretty good shape) but also working on a group presentation about Social Network Analysis, trying to do my readings for at least the first week of class, and doing my very best to wrap my head around my chosen topic still. Oh, and desperately researching for my lit. review. Did I mention I’m also planning my best friends bachelorette, trying to exercise/eat well, and keep my house organized? Oh and we can’t forget ‘Stompy McGee’ who lives upstairs and coincidentally is my landlord who regularly interrupts my sleep and my concentration.

I spent Friday night tossing and turning worrying about one thing then the next with my head a whole jumble of thoughts and stomps from above. This can’t be good. Just have to hang in for 1 more month then the really hard part will be over. Not saying it’s gone easy, but the pressure of 3 weeks non-stop school and being away from home for so long will be gone at least.

And when I get back, I’m going to become an Organization Queen. Hmmm then again, baby steps is probably a better bet 😉


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