Burn Out and Recovery

9 Jul

The last few months have been incredibly tough. So tough in fact, I can honestly say, I’m pretty burnt out. I feel like I’ve been lagging; Mentally, forgetful and distracted. Emotionally; stressed and weak. Physically, fatigued and tense. Life has just not let up – between school, work, friends, relationships, family, and moving, it has been near impossible to keep a balance. And when that begins to happen, everything feels like it slips.

But thankfully, all of that is behind me now. I haven’t had the mental capacity to write anything non-work related lately, but I miss it. So as I work slowly to regain my energy, decrease my stress and take a more positive outlook, I hope to be blogging a bit more as well. But as I indicated a while ago – this won’t necessarily be home to discussion on PR anymore. I do enough of that in real life – this space will be for me.

Just a heads up in case you don’t want to read my personal rants and ramblings 🙂


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