Fiddling with Tumblr.

11 Aug

Last night I started a Tumblr account. I’d seen it pop up in other people’s Twitter streams a few times and at first I thought it was just another blogging platform. Which is kind of is. Buuuut, now that I’ve play with it a little (and will continue to do so) I find it’s almost like the halfway point between a blog and Twitter. I’ve decided that my blog is not the place for my random thoughts and every day chatter. Yes, that’s a part of who I am, but I have many different part, so I figure why shouldn’t I have many different forms of expressing those parts:

Twitter is where I share things I’ve read. Connect with others. Throw out the occasional ‘Note To Self’ etc. But being limited to 140 characters is sometimes difficult for someone who talks as much as I do. Twitter is also a sort of the centre point for my personal/professional self. I share them both here, almost always conscious that friends and family as well as coworkers and clients might be reading what I say.

Facebook is where I connect with friends and the odd family member. This is entirely personal for me (with the odd colleague/friend included) and this is where I post just about anything. We all have moments of immaturity, nights we may only remember parts of and photos of significant others that we’re not comfortable allowing everyone in the world to see – which is why I have my privacy settings pretty high.

This is where a very selves meet – my professional side a bit (I do work in social media and often blog about it) my intellectual side (I often blog about my academic pursuits) and a little bit of the personal gets mixed in. But I’m discovering that maybe this isn’t the place for that.

Enter Tumblr. I like it. I like how quickly I can upload random stuff – photos I take, quotes I hear, little lightbulbs that go off. It also has value to me because I can track my thought processes, my experiences, my reactions. I know that things don’t remain ‘hidden’ online – but my thought right now is that I will keep my Tumblr to myself at the moment. I may share eventually, but for now, it’s just for me. And we’ll see how that goes.


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