Just Keep Swimming, Swimming

9 Mar

So, data collection is somewhat underway. I don’t dare say ‘well under way’ because I’ve got about 7 months of 60 recorded. The worse part of it is that it’s monkey work – copy, paste, copy, paste. It is not an enjoyable task in the least. It kills my back. I can actually only muster to handle about 30 minutes at a time. But I keep reminding myself that I can’t quit now – only 6 more months and my MA will finally done. Just keep swimming. After all the time, effort and money that’s been sunk into this thing, I can’t stop now. So instead, I take quick breaks and amuse myself with YouTube videos like this one – the ‘WEEEEEEE’ part is a regular noise I make to signify I’m at the edge of sanity 😉


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