Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is…

27 Aug

Lately, I’ve been whining a lot. If I read back through some of my posts here, as well as other places I write and couple that with the conversations I’ve had with friends/family, I can’t help but face the fact that I’ve been complaining about my situation in one way or another. Now, don’t get me wrong, all in all, life is pretty dang good. Good job, good friends, good family, good dog…the list goes on. But one thing I constantly find myself commenting on is that fact that I miss doing something I love: Writing.

Sure, I blog here and there, I keep a bit of journal for my own sanity, I write at work etc. but admittedly, it feels different than it used to. I’ve said here before that I don’t write draft posts before publishing. I don’t really put a ton of forethought into what goes up here. I don’t research. I don’t talk to people. And the bottom line I guess is that I don’t take it seriously anymore.

So after all my moaning and complaining about how jealous I am that others I know are doing what I used to love, I’ve decided it’s time to shush up and put my money where my mouth is – time to start taking it seriously again. Not gonna lie, the idea of it is a bit daunting – it’s been a long time since I cared that much about proper sentence structure, the inverted pyramid or ‘show, don’t tell’ aspects of writing. My guess is that it will be a lot like cleaning out an attic: The stuff is a little tattered, you gotta clean out the cobwebs, but once you bring it down and air out, everything is good as new. Or at least that’s more hope.

Look forward to a few more thoughtful posts here, and in the meantime, I’ll be dusting off the Eats, Shoots and Leaves; Woe Is I and maybe even the ol’ classic Strunk & White’s Elements of Style (Warning: Use only as directed to cure occasional insomnia).


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