A Subtle Shift

17 May

Depending on how you look at it, it seems that my research has inadvertently taken a ‘subtle’ shift (or perhaps a hard-right?). In my efforts to assess the motivations that people have for offering their ideas to companies for product development, at some point or another, I realized what I was actually looking at is much bigger than that. But let me rewind for a moment…

Setting out to decide on a research topic is no easy feat. Most times, you start with a very broad concept, then start to narrow in on exactly what it is you want to look at. And although 60 pages may seem long to some, if you bite off more than you can chew, you can end up with a lot of unfinished nonsense and some a lot of wasted trees. So, I thought I was being pretty smart by starting with a narrow focus: motivation for idea generation. However, I’ve now come to realize that this activity isn’t quite popular enough yet to easily track down the appropriate number of interview subjects to make it worth studying.

So, fast forward to around 11:43pm last night, laying in bed, eyes wide open staring at the ceiling. All of sudden, the hamster wheel was chugging and I realized what was actually in front of my face the whole time. It all became clear to me: Online Idea generation is just another form of customer feedback.

What I really need to be talking about here is social CRM! Experience/Motivation/Advocacy. I think? I’m still wrapping my head around exactly how all the pieces fit together here, but the topic and question are clear.

Tapping into Social CRM: What makes a customer submit feedback online?

I have my suspicions from the interviews I’ve done already, but overall, I think social CRM is the direction this needs to go. Who knows, maybe some companies out there would be interested to know too 🙂


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